Get Your Freak On This Halloween


Get Your Freak On This Halloween

It’s time to get your freak on.

Halloween is upon us once more! It’s an open stage to be whoever you like to be for one night. What an opportunity for all the extroverts to indulge in some fetishes, role playing and dress ups right in the open. A night where you can dress up and not look weird or be the odd one out, everyone is donning an outfit.

There’s a lot to love about Halloween even as an adult, if you open your mind to it.

Shake Halloween up with a bit of kinky imagination, dirty talk, role playing and take yourself to the edge. Make this night an EPIC HALLOWEEN NIGHT

After all, you probably don’t want to spend all your Halloween donning masks and sexy costumes for nothing, release your inner sexual deviancy inside the bedroom. Bust out some new tricks in the bedroom and there’s no better time to try than right around Halloween.

Did you know that there is a strong connection between fear and arousal? Precisely why Halloween is a hotbed of sexy potential. Let loose, flip the script for one night and explore new parts of your sexuality. Halloween is the best time to live out your alter ego fantasies and literally hide behind a mask

Sexual role-playing, apart from being enormously fun, is a great way to explore new grounds and fantasies. It’s the perfect excuse to become someone else for the night, which ultimately means having sex like someone else: trying new positions, using new props, saying new, dirty things…

There are definitely a few steps to take to ensure the night ends in a blast with limbs and naked bodies everywhere. After agreeing what your favourite role play is and agreed on boundaries just plunge in and have fun. Here are a few tips to help you out.

You Should Light Candles

But they should be creepy, black candles in candelabra that will turn your house into a lair for doing dark, dark deeds – devious sexual acts. Sex that is pushing some new boundaries, it’s Halloween people!

You Should  Be Wearing Masks

Masks are just sexy — everyone knows this. They allow you a great scope to pretend and become uninhibited. Choose your mask according to your role play. Whether it’s a typical Agent Provocateur with a lacy lingerie mask or something more stern like leather.

You Should Keep Your Costume On, If Possible

If you’re an adult, what is a Halloween costume if not an elaborate form of role play?  Your costume is an excuse into taking your moves into a full-fledged sexual freak-out. Have it on with your French Maid/Superhero/Sex-Starved Zombie/Superhero/Slave/Master/Nurse. Role-play is a definite in Halloween which brings us to the next point.

You Should Do A Little Role-Play

Plunge into a story and role-play it. Besides the fact that it’s fun and it feels good and it’s HALLOWEEN, when you’re SUPPOSED to dress up as something you’re not. Halloween is the one night of the year where it’s socially acceptable to be almost anyone or anything.

Role play the sexy vixen, flaunt your goodies,wear some fishnets and a miniskirt, embrace your sexuality and court sexual attention without any fear.

Are you into role-play, too? If so, you’re totally not alone. Here are just a few ideas to get your bedroom rocking Halloween night.

Elvira, Mistress of the Darkness

Halloween would be the same without her. This is an instant winner. She’s drop dead sexy, literally, and if you wish to make your night one of dark adventures let your imagination go. Disguised as Elvira you can cross all kind of boundaries, be flirtatious without taking shit from no one and be dominant by getting exactly what you want. She’s the embodiment female empowerment.


Dress up as ancient Greeks or Romans for this variation on the usual bed sheet toga. You’ll appear normal enough to your friends but when you get home, you can be sure to let your slave know who’s boss. Or dress up as Han Solo and Princess Leia in her slave outfit, of course for sex that’s out of this world in more ways than one.

Werewolf and Victim

If you like to be manhandled and enjoy a bit of rough sex. Be the victim of your werewolf and let him jump you from behind, bend you on your knees and like a wild animal do you doggie style.

Cop And Robber

This next role-play idea is very fun if you like the idea of dishing out some punishment or being the one on the receiving end. If you want to be the one dishing out the punishment, then obviously, you’re going to be the cop and the person who wants to be on the receiving end is going be the criminal. If you are the cop, then you need to start off the fantasy by catching your man in the act of doing something naughty, bold or even criminal. Then you need to decide what to do to him for punishment.

Tie him up and spank him?

Strip him naked?

Be the corrupt cop who demands favours from him in return for freedom?

These are just a few ideas. You might also like the idea of trying out restraints/handcuffs to take this role play to the next level.

Doctor/nurse and Patient

Traditionally, the doctor is the man, but these days the roles could be played by either gender. However, the appeal of the fantasy is the costumes. This is a favourite role play because you have the chance to use sex toys a great way to warm up the scene.

Fifty Shades Of Grey/BDSM

Take advantage of Halloween, it is the best time to go dip your feet in this mysterious and devious world of fun and pain all in one. Get those sexy leather and latex outfits on and head to your local BDSM club. Expect loud music, great and wonderful outfits, restrains, whips, cuffs, collars, hoods, gags and much more. If you get cold feet you can always say you just like to get dressed up on Halloween. But hey, it’s Halloween you might as well go all the way!!

Gal, be the dom you secretly desire. Tell him what to do, where to touch you how to spank you. Have him tie you up and blind fold you, maybe it’s only him touching and fondling you or some hot stranger you’ve been eyeing all night.

Secretary and Boss.

Staying late at work has never been so fun. Clear some room on your desk for all the extra work you’ll be doing.

Hooker/Escort and client

If people want to wear slutty Halloween costumes because they’re feeling slutty, they should rock on with their bad selves. You could play a street walker to high paid escort, the variations in this one are endless. And with some imagination, the gender roles can easily be reversed, too.

Repairman or Delivery Guy

All good porns start with a repairman or delivery guy. Call your very own to find out why. Yep, we’re talking threesomes now. Or if you want to be really wild why not have your first Ganbang on Halloween and enforce masks at all times rule. This way you can feel comfortable that no one will recognise you, if that was your major concern holding you back from fulfilling this fantasy.

Halloween is your big chance to be the person that you only fantasise about being. Halloween this year is your chance to really take your role-playing to a whole new level. Remember anything new is a novelty and anything new amps up the dopamine in the brain, simply speaking more dopamine = better sex!

Happy Halloween


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