Sex Is Fun And Sometimes A Little Strange


Sex Is Fun And Sometimes A Little Strange

We all have this feeling that we are the only ones with some strange sexual inclinations. Fortunately, this is a feeling shared among many of us.

If you thought that your sex life was strange, then you may want to read about these eleven incredibly unusual fetishes. After you read this you’ll either be thinking:

‘Wow, I thought, I was a bit different!”  or “Really, there are other people into this too?’

1. Dacryphilia

This fetish is common both in men and women. This fetish causes people to be sexually aroused by a person who is crying or in emotional distress. Generally, people who have this fetish will emotionally and even at times physically manipulate their partner to begin to cry. Once the partner becomes inconsolable, they become sexually aroused and pursue sex. This fetish is hilariously conveyed in the movie Little Death.

2. Apotemnophilia

This fetish is the attraction to the idea of losing a limb. People who have this fetish often feel sexually aroused if they think about losing a limb or their partner losing a limb. This fetish is also related to the psychological disorder Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

3. Asphyxiophilia

This fetish first became popularized in the media in the 1980s when the band INXS was popular. The singer of the band died of auto-erotic asphyxiation due to an asphyxiophilia fetish. This fetish can potentially be dangerous if done in a state of inebriation and maybe it should not to be done while alone.

4. Anililagnia

This fetish is quite common sexual fetish and many people don’t even blink at the sight of it. This fetish causes men to be attracted to older women. So, if you have a thing for the older ladies, or cougars, then you may be suffering from aniliagnia. Could think of worse things.

5. Voyeurism

Just like the previous fetish, voyeurism is actually pretty common. This type of fetish causes both men and women to become aroused whenever they see another person having sex or witness a person getting naked. Dogging is popular sexual activity that is very popular and it’s both an activity of exhibitionism and voyeurism. This type of sexual fetish isn’t always listed as one of the most common in the world, but the porn industry begs to differ and really they make for a strong argument. The porn industry is built off of the idea of voyeurism and allows people to view others having sex whenever they want.

6. Sadism

Most people pain is not a turn-on and will gladly shy away from pain whenever they can, however for some people who are into sadism, pain is sexually arousing, a really turn-on. Sadism is a common sexual fetish that causes people to become sexually aroused whenever they feel pain. For this reason, they often incorporate some form of pain into their sexual experiences. Whether they use whips, biting, or pulling, spanking, sadists love any type of pain during sex. Sometimes, they even get aroused by inflicting pain on their partners. For this reason, sadists typically only seek out other sadists to have relationships.

7. Pictophilia

Pictophilia is another common fetish that more men have than women. This sexual fetish causes men to be obsessed with pornographic images. People with this fetish find sexual pleasure in looking at pornographic images all of the time. They often become so fascinated with the images that they find it difficult to make it through their day without viewing a few pornographic images. This fetish is extremely common, and affects many men. So, if your boyfriend or husband just can’t seem to kick their porn habit, then they may be suffering from pictophilia.

8. Pygophilia

Do you know someone who is absolutely obsessed by butts? Who isn’t these days? We have living in the era of the ‘ass-man’, with beautiful celebrities; such as J.Low, Kim Kardashian and Iggy, sporting curvaceous derrières and flaunting them.  If so, then they may be suffering from pygophilia. This fetish causes people to be sexually aroused by people’s backsides, and it is extremely common. Both men and women can have pygophilia, and can find some sort of sexual arousal from looking at the backside of the opposite sex.

9. Gerontophilia

If you recognized this fetishes root word, then you probably already know that it has something to do with elderly people. This fetish causes younger generations to be incredibly sexually aroused by very old people. People who suffer from this fetish want more than just a few years or decades in between them and their lover. Instead, they want many decades between them and their sexual partner so much so that your grandmother might be their object of desire. This fetish commonly affects men, and causes them to be very sexually attracted to women their grandmother’s age.

10. Hybristophiliac

Everyone has heard of women who fall in love with men who are in prison, and apparently, these women all suffer from the fetish known as hybristophiliac. This fetish causes women to fall in love with violent criminals who have committed gruesome crimes. This fetish is also known as Bonnie and Clyde syndrome and causes women to fall in love with Mr. Danger.

11. Autogynephilia

Men, if you have ever thought about trying on your girlfriend’s underwear and parading around the room as a woman, then you may have autogynephilia. This sexual fetish causes you to be sexually attracted to the idea of being a woman. Or, men may find themselves sexually attracted to men who are dressing as women. This fetish is also related to the psychological disorder Gender Identity Disorder and can cause men to wish they were women.



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