Travel Erotic Stays


Travel Erotic Stays

If you’re already into kink and are looking into travelling to spice your sex life – you can book a stay in a sex dungeon or BDSM playroom the next time you go on vacation. Some of these rooms have the same feel and look as Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain in Fifty Shades Of Grey.

KinkBNB, which launched May 1, gives users the chance to rent rooms from BDSM practices decked out with cages, sex swings, and other equipment they might need for their sexual adventures.

KinkBNB follows a similar business model to Airbnb: You create an account online, search for listings in whatever city you want to visit, and pay a fee each night you stay.

This is a brilliant idea for people in the BDSM scene as it saves them the embarrassment or trying to explain things over at the airport customs because of their sex equipment of choice. Booking one of these rooms makes for lighter travelling and fewer explanations.

Here are a few photos of rooms that have been available since KinkBNB’s website launch.

 Apartment in Milano Centrale

Apartment in Milano Centrale-KinkBNB

Hoxton Dungeon Suite ,UK

Hoxton Dungeon Suite ,UK- KinkBNB

Kinky West Coast Getaway, Canada

Kinky West Coast Getaway,Canada - KinkBNB

InnThrall, US

InnThrall ,US -KinkBNB

Secret Shangri-La AZ

Secret Shangri-La AZ -KinkBNB


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