The Truth About Nipples


The Truth About Nipples

This  is another Palyboy episode of The Truth About series.This time we are looking at strange facts about nipples.

We all have nipples, those delightful little nubs. For many of us, they’re actually what’s called a secondary erogenous zone, especially for women, which means that stimulating them can send pleasurable feelings right down to the genitals. Even so, some of us are very sensitive and others find their nipples are an absolute no-go zone. Did you know that no two nipples are identical, not even in your own body?

Yes, the wonders of the nipple are being looking in detail by an authority in everything sexual, especially the wonders of womanly body.

Ever wondered strange facts about nipples that you can’t find the answers for? This video will give you the knowledge you’ve been looking:



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