Vacation Sex Rocks


Vacation Sex Rocks

Vacation Sex Rocks! Science has found out the top reasons why women in particular take more sex risks while on holiday.

Vacation sex truly does rock. Bet you’re nodding your head in agreement. Why do vacation sex rock? It’s probably a combination of a decadent, carefree lifestyle; the sun, the beach, the abundant leisure time, the alcohol and all those late nights that make us all vacationers take more risks. Ultimately, vacation sex is on a level of its own. The details to why exactly are just too hard to pin point, but researchers at the University of Illinois did this for us all. They focused more on why women take more sex risks while on holiday. Through a combination of interviews and online survey of 863 women, they found out why women take more sex risks while on holiday. The top seven reasons were:

  1. Alcohol consumption
  2. The Party-scene at the destination
  3. Being detached from everyday norms
  4. Being in a break-loose mood
  5. Feeling more sexually confident
  6. Having lots of free leisure time
  7. A where revealing clothing is appropriate

The study also found that 90.3% in steady relationships had sex on vacation while 49.8% of their single counterparts found their inhibitions drop while on group tours. More information can be found at Prothem.

Are you feeling the holiday itch? Maybe it’s time for that long awaited holiday you deserve. While abroad have fun and be safe.


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