10 movies that show women owning their sexuality


10 movies that show women owning their sexuality

Men love a woman who is fierce, bold, sexual and enjoys sex. Yet, that realistic depiction in movies is often non-existent.  Why is women’s sexuality made to be such a hush-hush affair? Women enjoy sex. Are there any movies that show women owning their sexuality?

Unfortunately, a large majority of movies are bound by the male character’s sexuality. When it comes to female protagonists’ display of sexuality, Hollywood hasn’t been a paragon of sex positivity. It’s not exactly the Director or the writer’s fault. If the movie depicts women actually enjoying sex, it runs the risk of being slapped with an NC-17 rating.

However, some sassy directors are changing the script and there are a few movies that have attempted to bring a true representation of female sexuality onscreen as realistically as possible. Here are 10 movies that dared to go all out and show women owning their sexuality:


Rose (Kate Winslet) is a non-traditional heroine. In a time when women were supposed to be quiet, pure and mild, she convinces Jack to draw her naked. She is confident and sure of herself and puts her feminine sexuality in full display.

2. Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine was originally given an original rating of NC-17 thanks to a scene in which Dean (Ryan Gosling) goes down on Cindy (Michelle Williams) and she is shown to enjoying herself. What’s more, she’s seen grabbing Dean by the hair to keep him in place while she sways to orgasm. Gosling spoke out about the sexist double standard in cinema ratings, pointing out that plenty of R-rated movies show women performing oral sex on men. The film’s rating was eventually downgraded, making this one sex-positive both on and off-screen


Helen Hunt plays Cheryl Cohen-Greene, a sex surrogate hired by paralysed poet Mark O’Brien (John Hawkes) to help him lose his virginity. Not only does the movie show sex between differently-abled people as something to be celebrated, but Hunt’s character is using her sexuality in a positive way to help a fellow human out — a huge step for the sex positivity movement. This series definitely will make you laugh and it shows women sexuality cunningly.


While the main character Alice (Dakota Johnson) goes through some ups and downs in relationships, she’s not lucky with love. Her BFF Robin (Rebel Wilson) is a sexually-empowered young woman. Who makes no apologies about her sex life, and slowly breaks Alice out of her shell, encouraging her to fully embrace her singledom. This is what BFF’s are for, right?


Sometimes, women don’t want to be in relationships. They just want to have sex with as many partners as possible. Sometimes, hook-up sex can be awkward. In Trainwreck, Amy (Amy Schumer) is the one who feels the need to ‘sow her wild oats’ much like men do. She’s proud of her commitment-phobe ways and laughs at her less-than-perfect sexcapades. What is to be commended is that she doesn’t settle down until she finds a man who is worth settling down with.


How to be single screams out – enjoy singledom while it last. Let it be a time when you learn about your sexuality and likes and dislikes. To do so you gotta some bad sex to know what good sex is about.

While the main character Alice (Dakota Johnson) goes through some ups and downs, her BFF Robin (Rebel Wilson) is a fine example of a sexually-empowered gal. She makes no apologies about her sex life and lives it up. She slowly brings Alice out of her shell, encouraging her to fully embrace her singledom.


When these two protagonists fall on hard times, they figure out a fun way to make money and pay rent. They team up and put together a bustling phone sex business — and have a ton of fun doing it. What is best, is that their choice of careers is never judged during the whole movie. Extra ticks for this movie.


Losing your virginity can be awkward, However, too often this portrayed as a confusing time when the girl is seen as being coerced into sex by her male counterpart. Not in this movie, which is refreshing to see. When  Aimee (Shailene Woodley) and Sutter (Miles Teller) get together, she isn’t coerced or conflicted. She is sure and confident and the two have equal enjoyable sex.


Carol is a movie about a separated woman, fighting over custody of her daughter has a passionate affair with another woman. Carol (Cate Blanchett) and Therese (Rooney Mara) meet and their love affair starts. Once Carol’s husband finds out about the affair he threatens her to take away her daughter.  Despite it, Carol refuses to deny her sexuality. She won’t let her husband’s threat or societal norms stop her from being who she is. What is delightful, is that this movie has a happy ending which is a rarity when it comes to female exploring their sexuality.


Erica (Diane Keaton), is an accomplished, intelligent fifty-something who knows what she wants in life. There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman who knows what she wants. This movie dispels the notion that older women aren’t desirable. She’s a sexy silver-kitten and is torn between suitors. A middle age exec ( Jack Nicholson) and a handsome cardiologist (Keanu Reeves), who is 20 years her junior. This accomplished lady is not going to be pushed by societal norms into a sexless old age. She’s not going to be left out. Women are sexy and can own their sexuality at any age.


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