How to deal with jealousy in open relationships


How to deal with jealousy in open relationships

Being in an open relationship will sometimes exacerbate feelings of jealousy. We are all capable of feelings of jealousy but some of us are better at controlling them. How do you deal with jealousy in an open relationship?

The most important lesson is that jealousy is a totally normal feeling to have. Learning to deal with it will make your connection stronger and your swinging a whole lot enjoyable.

Identify first why you’re feeling jealous. What are its the roots and triggers. Once you identified them you can stop them from taking control. Most importantly, keep communicating with each other. Swinging is all about open communication, a tool essential to a successful and happy lifestyle.

Also work on your self-esteem and confidence, which in time will diminish feelings of jealousy.

Feelings of jealousy will occur but there will be times that they are of lesser impact than other times. So manage a system between the two of you to put a stop to something that is inciting feelings of jealousy that could lead to anger, fights and outburst.

It should be noted here that bursts of jealous rage, or any other unacceptable behaviour in front of other people who are not at fault is not acceptable.

When you feel those feelings taking over have a signal or ask for timeout so you have a chance to talk it over and possibly continue or put a stop to what you were doing.

Swingers, understand that there are things couples need at times to work out between them and most swinger couples will courteously leave.

Sometimes to deal with jealousy you need to take two steps back in the way you play. Not to worry, it all takes time, some couples plunge in with no apparent feelings of jealousy and others do.

We are all different and all it means is that it will be a bit rigid to start but once your mind and heart really see that your partner is there to share sexual experiences with you then your fear and jealousy will subside.

Feelings of jealousy are exacerbated often because this is so new and your brain needs time to re-think and readjust to new sets of attitudes and perspectives. With further exposure to things that initially made you uncomfortable or challenge you will become less intense.

Couples need to communicate with each other at all times, to reassure each other and to make time to be intimate together when they are alone to establish that their passion for each other is ongoing.

Below is a video discussing jealousy in relationships by Open Lifestyle

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