Five sex resolutions to make 2018 plenty, satisfying and a great year of sex


Want a blessed and prosperous year full of sultry, sexy, and ultra-satisfying lovemaking and sex? Here are five sex resolutions to make 2018 plenty, satisfying and a great year of sex.

1. Spend more time on foreplay

When done right, foreplay can make sex even better, building anticipation, teasing and explosive sexual tension. As you know the more tension builds up, the sweeter the release when you finally give it to her.

2. Go down in her

Oral sex is an art every man should master. Even though you might be a master at it, are going down on her as often as she would like you too. If she gives you BJ on the regular is only fair you return the favour.

3.Talk Dirtier

Dirty talk is hot and often underestimated, it takes your bedroom shenanigans from meh to hot. Tell her how sexy she looks, how you like touching her, how good she feels, how good she tastes, how much you want her.
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4 Try something new

Try something new this year, a new position, get a little bit kinkier or freaky, get creative and have fun with it. Hey, let your freak flag fly.

5 Communicate and do some listen

They key to having better sex is communication and your ability to listen. Listen to your partner and communicate with them.

If you hear her say: “I like that.” Or ” Don’t Stop” then you continue doing what you were doing. If there are things you want to try, sit down and talk to her about it.

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