#MeToo – has propelled the next sexual revolution.


#MeToo  – has propelled the next sexual revolution

The history of human sexuality is marked by many pivotal moments, that challenged us to rethink sex and intimacy. Throughout human history, sex and what it meant, changed, but mostly in a disequilibrium that was to lead to #MeToo movement. With it, many positives have surfaced and it has propelled the next sexual revolution different from 60s sex revolution.

The 1960s and ’70s sex revolution

In the 70s man witness the sex revolution, with the notion of free-love and the invention of contraception gave humanity a semblance of equality. Reality is, although society and its views toward sex became more liberal, consent and pleasure equality wasn’t. Then comes in the #MeToo movement which has propelled the next sexual revolution.

The #MeToo movement

The rules that govern pleasure and relationships remained the same and that’s why the #MeToo movement happened. People around the globe were forced to re-assess sexuality in more egalitarian terms. This new movement forced people to talk about consent, to learn about the importance of communication and respect.

Is sex dead after the #MeToo? Is it struggling to survive?

After the #MeToo, straight men are afraid to interact, to hug, give compliments or even try to have sex, right? Wrong. #MeToo HASN’T KILLED SEX. It has given way to a new sexual revolution and women’s sex lives are the biggest winners. A significant shift is happening around female-centred sex and pleasure and women are asking for what they really want in bed.

On the flip side, if women become more in control of their sex lives and their pleasure than men are also winners. There will be more mutually enjoyable sex. Sexologist Gigi Engle says it simply: “#MeToo increased communication, reciprocity in sex, and focus on female pleasure”

Let’s not board on the bandwagon that romance and passion are dead as a result of the #MeToo movement. Optimistically, it may be even better than ever. Since the #MeToo “affirmative consent” has entered our vocabulary and our consciousness and altered how we give and receive pleasure.

Pleasure equality

Without a doubt, men want to give their girlfriends equal sexual satisfaction. There is nothing more fulfilling and a real turn-on than pleasuring your partner to the brink of orgasm. True intimacy only happens when both partners are satisfied sexually.

With women becoming more empowered to ask for what they want, and men are slowly becoming more emotionally intelligent and better partner and lovers.

Pleasure given and received by partners is egalitarian and mutually pleasurable. When you hear moans it’s definitely a result of pleasure and not a conditioning reaction to disguise pleasure. Women don’t feel that they have to ‘fake’ pleasure to satisfy their partner. It’s ok to come out of a sexual encounter and not achieve orgasm and still enjoyed the ride. Sex ultimately is not about orgasms, nice if we end up experiencing one but not the main objective.

Both women and men want orgasm and pleasure equality. Women are no longer considered an extension to men’s desire and the vehicle men achieve their pleasure by. Instead, men now care for women’s pleasure.

Yes, the way we think about sex has shifted in a profound way and we have #MeToo to thank for that.

The male desire was at the forefront but #MeToo put female pleasure front and centre, at last.

Finally, both men and women can aim for mutual sexual fulfilment.

Featured photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

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